Triton Kit from Halo

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Halo recently sent me their Triton Kit for the purpose of review.  I got the Emerald Green Kit.

The Emerald Green Triton Tank Starter Kit has a vibrant color that is sure to catch the eye of admirers. With its deep emerald color, this is a great choice for those seeking the luck of the Irish or “going green” mentality. Even though you may be looking for a little of that “Irish luck”, there is no luck in the superior vaping performance you will receive with our emerald green tank kits.

The price of this starter kit is 64.99$.  I honestly feel that you’re paying for the name.  Halo is known to many as a quality brand name.  I remember when I first started my ecig adventure I purchased their G6 starter kit and used it for quite a while.  If I remember correctly their starter kit was around this amount as well back when I bought it.

For this price you receive:

  • (2) Either 650mAh or 400mAh Batteries, your choice of any combination
  • Crystal Clear Tanks
  • Emerald Green Cone (35mm)
  • USB Adapter
  • Wall Charger
  • Halo Case

Liquids are not included.

These little batteries are cute and easily hidden in your pocket.  For how small of a capacity there is on these batteries I’m very surprised how long they’ve lasted.  I’m a chain vaper and it took me most of the day to kill a battery.  The 400mAh battery can last you anywhere between 350-450 puffs where the 650mAh can last you 600-700 puffs.  The little 400mAh batteries are very convenient in my opinion and are glad to have experienced these.  As I can only speak for the emerald green batteries when you push the button on the battery the light emanates a beautiful green glow and the battery itself has a beautiful emerald finish.  The battery itself seems to have a rubbery feel to help with grip.  This is very helpful since this battery is smaller.

The Triton tanks that come with this tank have a max capacity listed at 2.4ml.  These tanks remind me of a better functioning Vivi Nova style clearomizer.  To fill these tanks simply unscrew the mouthpiece from the top of the tank and drip your liquid down between the metal ring where the drip tip attaches and the atomizer head.  You can fill this tank up to the 2.4ml line without worrying about flooding the coils.  I want to mention that these wicks actually seem to work, unlike the Vivi nova tanks.  I still have to twist and swirl these tanks so that I don’t burn the coils but not nearly as much as the Vivi Nova tanks required.  I also have to say that I think the coils in these Triton tanks have to be lower than your standard coils since these guys produce some pretty good vapor for even being at a fixed 3.7v.  These tanks seem to be specifically designed to work great with their e-liquids… which I’m sure it was.

The emerald cone included in the kit is to stream line the appearance of your battery when you’re using a cartomizer on the battery.

The USB Adapter and Wall Charger are very sleek.  Both have the Halo logo printed clearly.  Do not use these to charge the G6 batteries.

To top off the total presentation of the whole package Halo has a well constructed, beautiful case for you to carry your Triton ecig with you.  It’s almost velvety rubber interior will protect your whole kit while on the go.  The exterior is just beautiful.  Halo is clearly printed on the top of the case.  The pivot point of the case seems to have a pretty sturdy hinge.

With all of that being said there are some drawbacks to this kit.  Every piece of device and hardware from Halo is proprietary.  This means that you have to use Halo hardware with Halo devices.  You can’t use a random eGo battery you have with one of their Triton tanks just like you can use a Kanger tank with one of their batteries.  It just won’t work.

I’ve also noticed when I get into heavier vaping sessions that the coil in the Triton tank itself gets pretty hot.  It got to the point where the metal ring at the top of the tank almost got too hot to touch.  A simple fix is to just allow the tank to cool but when you’re in need of that ever-so-delicious nicotine waiting can be an issue.  I have noticed that this does change the flavor of the liquid giving it an almost burnt taste.

Overall this kit is a pretty decent place to start.  If you can handle ordering your parts exclusively from Halo this kit won’t treat you wrong.  I’m actually quite impressed with how this kit performs and appears overall!


Price 3/5
Features 4/5
Accessories 3/5
Ease of Use
Appearance 5/5
Presentation 5/5
Weight & Size
Overall 86%
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