Shock Treatment from High Voltage Vaporz

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Next up in the line of energy vapes is Shock Treatment from High Voltage Vaporz

A premium lightly caffeinated pomegranate and tropical fruit blend.

Energy Infused with Vitamin B

The vapor production of Shock Treatment is absolutely wonderful.  This seems to produce more than your average liquid in the industry.

The Throat Hit for Shock Treatment seems to be along with the average compared to other e-liquids in the 12mg nicotine bracket.

Pomegranate is the main player in this liquid.  The apple flavor described on the High Voltage Vaporz website is almost too subtle to notice however it is present.  The main draw to this liquid, however, is the fact it’s got the slightly sweet and sour effect you’d come to expect from a pomegranate.

This liquid is quite strong in the flavor strength department.  After vaping this for a few days and getting vape tongue I was still able to taste this liquid.

The scent from the bottle reminds me of a sweet and sour candy.

The overall presentation of this liquid is decent.  The description of the liquid is well written and accurate, the imagery featured on websites is pretty interesting.  Glass bottles look pretty however you can never find a screw-on eyedropper that works like a plastic bottle with a syringe tip.

You can purchase this 15ml bottle from Vapes of Wrath for 14$.  It’s a little on the more expensive side which I think the infusion of Vitamin B makes up for it.

This is another job well done from High Voltage Vaporz.  I’ve always liked it when manufacturers go outside the box and experiment with flavors that are unique or uncommon.  Pomegranate is one of those flavors that you rarely see but has been done very well in this liquid.

Vapor Production 5/5
Throat Hit Accuracy
Flavor Accuracy
Flavor Strength
Liquid Aroma
Price 3/5
Overall 86%
Size Price $ per ML
15ML $14.00 $0.93 per ML

Nicotine Strengths
0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg


Tested on a SmokTech Winder with an Aspire BDC at 4.8 volts. 12mg nicotine.

Remember, TASTE IS SUBJECTIVE!!! Your taste buds may act differently than mine.

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