ViVi Nova from Vision

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I finally have gotten enough data and time with this device to present to you a solid review.  This is another one of those lengthy reviews so grab your favorite vape and enjoy!

Price: At $14.99 the price for this tank is reasonable however at the start of my review I wasn’t sure if I invested $15 into a not-so-fancy drip tip (coming later in the review)

Appearance:The look of the ViVi Nova is beautiful on larger devices as a Vamo or Provari.  The diamond cut plates at the top and bottom of this tank really add a nice touch if your device is stainless steel or chrome.  The plastic cylinder of the tank is very clean and the gauge on the side showing how much liquid you have left in the tank is crisp and clear.  I love the look of this tank when it is full.  The wicking material inside changes into an almost transparent appearance which makes the inside of this tank look very interesting.  This is one of my favorite tanks to look at.

Features: When you purchase your ViVi nova it comes in a nice little box with 3 total heads which are rated at 1.8, 2.4 and 2.8 ohms.  The ability to clean these heads are second to none because it is much easier to clean these then it is a cartomizer.  All you have to do is run all the pieces under hot water, blow out the excess water and let the wicking material touch a paper towel for about an hour.  Then the head is ready to be used again.  The ability to change out the heads on this tank is a wonderful thing, allowing you to use lower resistance for lower voltage devices.  The only issue in the feature department I had was the inaccuracy of the resistance on the heads.  The 1.8-ohm head was showing 2.1 ohms, the 2.4-ohm head was showing 2.8 ohms and the 2.8-ohm head was showing 3.6 ohms.  I personally didn’t have much of a problem since my Vamo reads the resistance to me on a nice little-LED screen, however, someone without the ability to check resistances might not be able to tell what their problem is.

Functionality: This is where the tank fell.  I have a little background story for you before I continue on with this part of the review

When I purchased the tank I immediate filled it with my favorite liquid (Gray Matter from Mister-E-Liquid at 24mg nicotine).  Each puff after the first two sent me into major coughing fits because it tasted burnt.  And no matter what head I used in the tank each one was now producing some pungent flavor.  I did a little investigation of my own and came to the realization that the issue was with a piece of material in the head.  There is a filament that is inside the head that wraps around the inside of the head protecting the coil from the head.  I can only assume that it was put there to prevent short-circuits by not allowing the coil to touch the head.  After some contemplation, I finally decided to remove the filament completely from the head.  After removing it I placed the liquid back into the tank and began vaping.  It worked like a charm!

Now… why do I have to modify something that comes out of a package?  Don’t you think someone would have done their research and testing of this product before sending off to merchants to sell?  If someone with a little bit of vaping experience with tanks and mods can figure out where the burnt taste is coming from don’t you think the people that are inventing these new devices and hardware should be able to make their product flawless.

Once I got this tank vaping like intended I realized a few other things.  You have to tip, tilt and swirl this tank to make sure that the wick inside the head is wet with liquid.  If you don’t you’ll get a hybrid flavor of burnt and your favorite liquid.  Though I didn’t mind doing this because having a tank trumps having to top off a cartomizer each time I want to use it I’m sure there are people out there that do NOT want to do this every time they want to vape.  I also had to prime it 2-3 times taking vapors drugs to ensure the wick inside the head was wet enough to produce a good amount of vapor.

After the modifications and trial and error with the tank I got it to work.  When it worked well… it worked amazingly well.

To be honest I thought I wasted $15 dollars on a not-so-fancy plastic drip tip.  I was sure I was going to get more use out of the drip tip then the damn tank itself.

With that being said I did e-mail Vision this evening in an attempt to give them ideas on a revised product.  I made mention of removing the filament from inside the head which completely remedied the burnt flavor (after tilting, twisting, swirling and priming).  I also said about making a revision to their post/head system by putting the head in the bottom of the tank and making a new feeder system to bring the liquid into the coil.  Keeping the coil near the bottom could possibly help with the wicking issue but it could also help with having to tilt the tank.

Overall: Unsure
The only reason that this scored so high is because of the cost, appearance, and features.  The functionality of this device is sub-par.  I would recommend this tank to a veteran that doesn’t mind troubleshooting hardware.  I may not be the most patient person in the world, however, I’m extremely stubborn and I wanted to make sure I was getting my money worth.  I do not recommend this device to anyone that is just getting into the vaping world.

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