My Fat Cat Vapor Shop LLC Experience! (Review)

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I was informed by a friend from the ECA Forums about a new brick & mortar store that opened up in our local area of Montoursville, PA called the Fat Cat Vapor Shop.  Previous to this shop opening up LiteCigUSA was the only other store around that sold anything better than your typical gas station garbage.  As somewhat of a ritual now for my fiance and myself we piled into my truck the first chance we got and took off for Montoursville to check out the new digs.

The location for this shop is a prime location in my opinion.  For those that know the area, it’s located at one of the less crazy ends of The Golden Strip.  You can easily see the shop from I180 South right before the 3rd street exit.  The intersection to turn onto Wilmont Dr. can be a little hairy since there isn’t an actual turning lane but it seems Williamsport drivers don’t care if your turning.

This store is clean.  Very nicely laid out with a beautiful lounge area allowing you to sit down and chit chat with other fellow vapers.  The display cases are well lit and laid out well allowing you to find exactly what you’re looking for quickly.  The eliquid is displayed behind the counter as well.

The customer service of this shop is top-notch.  You sample liquids from a bottom-fed clearomizer (I want to say its from a Smok RBC?).  Any other time I’ve sampled liquids have been out of cartomizers with low to no nicotine levels.  I believe these samples were in the 12mg range allowing me to sample the liquid closer to the way I vape.  0mg to 8mg doesn’t allow me to experience the liquid I normally would turning me off.

Not only are these guys friend but they proly be in their field!  You can easily spend a few hours just chatting it up about what’s going in the ecig industry ranging from the FDA to new technologies in the industry that will be coming out shortly (or he plans on purchasing).  I spent most of my time here doing this and enjoyed every moment of it!

Their selection is wonderful.  I wish they did have mechanical mods available for purchase but I do understand the reasoning behind why they don’t.  You’ll only find quality at this store.  Innokin seems to be one of their larger suppliers.  He is currently checking out the Innokin Cool Fire 1 & 2 to possibly sell as well.

They offer Vapor Trail, Goodlife Vapor and Halo eliquids.  I believe there was another brand they carried but I was currently only interested in those 3.  And if you haven’t read my God’s Tears and Deadly Sins review please make sure to check those out!  Those two liquids were purchased at this store.  He is also looking to start carrying Suicide Bunnies eliquid as well.

He does plan on expanding to other locations and hopefully soon.  The drive to Williamsport for me requires a specially planned day since its a 45-minute drive.  However, if I need to go to a brick-and-mortar store I will only be going here.

One other thing is he doesn’t plan on opening a store online.  He said that he’s just not interested.  However, he did say, “That we will have a non-commercial website launching in the coming weeks that will have a live video feed of the shop on it, on the front page.”

So if you’re ever in the area STOP HERE!  Great folks, great selection, great prices and a great experience.  These guys are my go-to brick-and-mortar store!

Fat Cat Vapor Shop LLC Address:
(570) 651-9114
2655 Wilmont Dr.
Montoursville, PA 17754

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