Midnight Apple from Halo

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When I first ordered my Halo G6 starter kit I also ordered the Halo Sample Pack.  They had 2 selections to choose from.  Tobacco Sample Pack and Variety Sample Pack.  After reading the different e-liquids they had packaged together I immediately purchased the Tobacco Sample Pack because the Midnight Apple had peaked my interest.  And boy, was I pleased!
After putting about 20 drops into the cartomizer and letting it sit for around 25-30 minutes I took my first puff off of the Midnight Apple.  Wow, did it taste good.  Now remember… this is the first e-liquid I have ever tasted so it was unusual to have something flavored like this instead of smoke from a cigarette.

This has actually been my go to for e-liquids and I made sure to purchase the larger bottle when my small bottle was empty.

Now the variety pack that I received was packaged very well.  Each little sample bottle was inserted into a dense foam disc, a hole cut for each individual bottle.  This isn’t a review of the variety pack but it does show some professionalism and  intense care for their product.  The 7ml bottle is a small plastic bottle where the dripper is the bottle itself.  The 30ml is a beautiful blue glass bottle where the dripper is part of the cap.  The quality of both bottles are wonderful.  Those little things make a person that’s new to vaping very happy.

The flavor of the Midnight Apple is oddly close to that of an granny smith apple.  There are hints of caramel or tobacco flavor hiding in the background as well I’m not quite sure.  The flavor of this liquid is something to behold.  The flavor even holds up during intense use when the coil inside the cartomizer is getting extremely hot.

The throat hit is between a full-flavored and a light cigarette.  My first puff had me coughing a little but I’m sure that’s because I wasn’t use to the vapor.  Now that I’ve used the Midnight Apple for several days the throat hit is still a little harsh but I prefer it since I used to smoke full flavored cigarettes.

The scent from the exhaled Midnight Apple is average.  Some people judge it to be sweet, or sickly sweet.  My personal opinion is that it’s barely noticable.
All in all the Midnight Apple is a great product produced by Halo.  I would highly recommend this to anyone.  Definitely worth the money!

Bottle Sizes: 7ml and 30ml
Cost: $5.99 and $19.99
Nicotine Levels: 0 mg/ml  – 06 mg/ml – 12 mg/ml – 18 mg/ml – 24 mg/ml
Nicotine Level for Review: 24 mg/ml
Test Equipment: eGo Battery, 510 atomizer, drip tip, dripping

Throat Hit 3/5, Vapor Production 3/5, Taste 4/5

Overall 3/5

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